Friday, October 2, 2009

The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman Trailer (1971)

Ah, The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman, what a title!

This little gem is brought to you by Paul Naschy, the Spanish Lon Chaney, who also wrote it. As a kid I never got to see any of Paul Naschy's films, either because my local stations didn't show them or the video stores didn't stock them to rent. Believe me, if I saw this title in TV Guide or on a video store shelf I would have watched it. So the only way I knew of his movies were from the few entries in various books I had on monster movies.

I finally got a DVD of this very movie and got to watch Mr. Naschy in action, and I may have to dig it up (no Acker-Pun intended) tonight and watch it again now that I found the trailer on Youtube.

I really love the flashing red and white silhouette shots they sprinkled in here and there in the trailer. Nice touch.

There were a whole slew of Werewolf pictures starring Naschy as Waldemar Daninsky, the man with the curse of lycanthropy. I'll write more about him on a later date, but for now enjoy the trailer to The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman.

Until Next Time, Stay Insane!

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