Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bob Burns' Hollywood Halloween Videos

Bob Burns is a legend in the SciFi Horror movie fandom. His book, It Came from Bob's Basement: Exploring the Science Fiction and Monster Movie Archive of Bob Burns shows off his vast collection of movie props, including Glenn Strange's boots and head appliance from when he played Frankenstein's Monster (Strange was a personal friend of Bob's). And who else could get professional effects people like Rick Baker, Dennis Muren and Greg Nicotero to work on the haunted house he puts on in his own home? No one but Bob Burns, that's who!

His Halloween shows are produced like feature films, and even stars real actors like Daniel Roebuck. I wish I could get to California to witness first hand the greatness that is a Bob Burns Halloween House. But I can't, my job says that isn't a legitimate business trip for a computer programmer.

What I can do is go to http://www.bobburnshollywoodhalloween.com/ and click on the video tab (sorry, no direct link to the videos) to go see the wonderful video documentary Bob has put on his web site. The documentary, part two has just been put up, takes you through this labor of love Bob and his friends put on each year. They all volunteer their time just to give kids (of all ages) a thrill. I have to respect that.

Go to the site (http://www.bobburnshollywoodhalloween.com/), click the video tab at the top of the page and sit back and enjoy.

Until Next Time, Stay Insane!

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