Saturday, October 10, 2009

Count Dracula Society Oath

In my last blog post I wrote about Dracula A.D. 1972, which had Hammer bring Dracula into the present day. In America back when the film was released a short was shown before the movie where a vampire sworn everyone in the theater into the Count Dracula Society. This was back when they still did fun stuff before the movie, not just show commercials.

The actor playing the the vampire under the caked on white makeup is Barry Atwater. Horror and SciFi fans will know him as Janos Skorzeny, the vampire from the Night Stalker TV movie and as the vulcan Surak from the the original Star Trek series among other appearances.

This video clip is from Zacherley's Horrible Horrors (from what I hear currently unavailable), which had The Cool Ghoul play host to film clips and trailers of classically bad movies.

Enjoy, and as always...

Until Next Time, Stay Insane!

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