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Trick Or Treat (1986)

"You should be loyal to your heroes... they can turn on you."-Sammy Curr

Trick or Treat (1986), directed by Charles Martin Smith, is the story of a bullied metal head (Marc Price, who played Skippy on Family Ties) who brings his rock idol Sammy Curr (Solid Gold Dancer Tony Fields) back to life by playing a record backwards. This movie was panned at the time it came out, even by horror fans, but I always had a soft spot for it. I was a metal nerd in high school so I could relate to Marc Price's Eddie. It also had cameos from Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons, which raised it's cool level for me when I was sixteen years old.

I got the sound track album (on vinyl, it was the 1980's) which had Sammy Curr's songs that were done by the band Fastway for Christmas from my grandmother.

Recently I sat down and watched it again. The movie is very 80's, but still a good scary movie. As I watched it I went online and looked up the people who starred in it. Most of the cast didn't do much of note afterwards.

Lisa Orgolini who played Eddie's love interest Leslie was still acting until 1998, and then nothing. The girl that played Genie (Elise Richards) did one more movie according to IMDB and then dropped off the face of the Earth.

Doug Savant who played the bully went on to be a staple of TV.

Marc Price is a stand up comedian today. Wikipedia's entry on him says he directed the ultra low budget zombie film Colin, but he didn't (and this is why you can't trust Wikipedia).

Glen Morgan who played Eddie's best friend didn't act again, thank God. He went on to be a powerful writer, director, producer in Hollywood. Maybe you know some of his work, X-Files, Final Destination, Space: Above and Beyond. Who knew?

Tony Fields, Sammy Curr himself, a dancer and choreographer, went from Solid Gold and music videos to acting stints on L.A. Law and Murder She Wrote. Sadly he died in 1995.

The film was going to get a cool 20th anniversary DVD release by Anchor Bay, but they couldn't clear all the music rights. It's out on DVD from a no name company that sells mostly to supermarket bargain bins. I think it deserves better.

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