Saturday, February 27, 2010

AMC TV B-Movie Classics

Before we begin I just want to say I haven't changed my mind about AMC TV. I still think they don't show enough classics films, I still don't like the commercial breaks, and I still think original TV shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men have no place on station that was suppose to be about classic movies. I really feel cable channels have lost their individual identities and have become just like every other channel out there. Sometimes I can't tell what channel I'm watching.

With that said, has take a step in the right direction by showing classic films on their web site. They have a B-Movie Horror section that is showing Asylum (1972), Corridors of Blood (1958) with Boris Karloff and The Horror of Party Beach (1964) and others. The B-Movie Sci-Fi/Fantasy section has The Creation of the Humanoids (1962), Dark Star (1974), and Teenage Caveman (1958) just as an example.

What got me really excited was they are showing Rodger Corman's The Undead (1957), which isn't on DVD right now and I had been wanting to see.

So as long as is going to be doing the right thing and show classics, I'll support the web site in hopes they add more movies for us to enjoy.

Below I've embedded The Undead for your pleasure.

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