Monday, February 22, 2010

Rondo Hatton Awards-Voting is OPEN!!!

Hello Cinamaniacs,

The 8th Annual Rondo Hatton Awards ( are here and voting is open. Usually I don't tell people who I voted for or throw my support behind any particular nominee, not that anyone would listen to me anyway.

But this year I'd like to suggest a movie for the write in vote of :

24. Classic Most in Need of Restoration
Which classic horror film, either released or unreleased, do you think most deserves a restoration?

For this I'd like to nominate 'Island of Lost Souls' (Paramount 1932), the movie I wrote my last blog post about. This classic, starring Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi, has never been on DVD and is out of print as we speak. It deserves a nice restoration and DVD release with extras.

No matter what your choice is, please remember to vote, you have until April 3rd to email in your vote.

Until Next Time,

Stay Insane!

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