Sunday, December 6, 2009

Universal Monster Legacy Web Site

I don't have to tell you, sinister readers, of my love for the old Universal Monster Movies. Now, as they get ready to unleash the new Wolf Man film next year, Universal has launched the Universal Monster Legacy web site. It has image galleries, video clips and story synopsis of the prime Universal Monster Movies in a beautifully laid out web site.

It warms the area where my heart should be that they have given a web presence to the monsters. Sometimes I feel like Universal doesn't do enough to promote their unique monsters, and when they do it's always just short term efforts. Hopefully the Wolf Man is a success, and will keep the monsters in the forefront for now on.

One minor thing that caught my eye, and I'll write to them to fix, is a fact note in the Son Of Dracula synopsis is wrong. They wrote "Evelyn Ankers, who played Kay in this film, starred opposite Chaney in James Whale's The Wolf Man in 1941." James Whales didn't direct The Wolf Man, but George Waggner did. I'll have to go through each entry, but I can understand the small mistake here and there.

(I saw the story about this on Famous Monsters of Filmland's, see their story HERE, and stop by and enjoy the new site.)

Until Next Time, Stay Insane!

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Ormsby said...

Just an update on the error I reported on. I left feedback for them explaining the error and they have now fixed it.