Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Puzzle of the Missing Boy from the Addams Family Movie

I like the Addams Family from 1991. It's one of those heart warming family films that stands the test of time. Recently, MTV of all channels showed the movie and I curled up and watched it. In the movie, the family's attorney, Tully, is trying to swindle them. At one point he brings his wife and son to visit them and Little Tully is tortured by Wednesday and Pugsley. Later, the wife meets the handsome and charming Cousin Itt and is swept off her feet. At the end on Halloween, a year after Tully's demise, she's dating Itt (in the next movie, Addams Family Values, she's even given birth to a little Itt), and all is good with the world...

WAIT! We're forgetting someone. What happened to Little Tully? He was there in the film, and appeared in the school play sequence, then he was gone. Never to be spoken of again. You'd think his own mother would bring him along to trick or treat at the end, but she only shows up with Itt. Did the writers forget him? Was his exit edited out?

So I'm left with the question of what happened to little Tully? As I ponder this, more and more sinister scenarios populate my mind, which may be what the writers wanted all along.

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