Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Karloff the Uncanny Part Two

WOW! Karloff and Lugosi singing 'We're Horrible, Horrible Men'. You don't hear that everyday.

This little gem comes from a radio program called Baker’s Broadcast (AKA Seein’ Stars in Hollywood from March 13, 1938. I read once they did this to promote 'Son of Frankenstein', but the dates don't jive. The show was broadcast March of 1938, and filming didn't start on 'Son of Frankenstein' until November of 1938. Since they had no join movie ventures coming out at the time, I think they were asked to do this because of the re-release of Dracula and Frankenstein, which was a hit in 1938.

Regardless, enjoy the rare clip of Karloff and Lugosi.

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Robert said...

Boris was very spooky. Even his name--BORIS KARLOFF--is kinda creepy.