Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vincent Price's Monster a way

After posting the Mannheim Steamroller clip of Monster Mash yesterday I wanted to find another cool version of the song. Searching Youtube I found this one by great Vincent Price.

Warning, the song doesn't start right away, the person who posted the clip edited in the closing scene from Monster Club before the song which kinda-sorta matches. The song was recorded by Price in 1977 and has a disco vibe to it, which given the era it was done can be forgiven.

Oh, did you noticed those dancers edited in too? They were called Pan's People from Britain's Top of The Pops. In the days before videos, when a performer was unable to appear to sing the song on the shop, this group would dance to the song. Reminds me a little of Alice Cooper's dancers from his Welcome To My Nightmare tour.

Until Next Time, Stay Insane!

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