Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Midnite Mausoleum Promo April 2010

This is the promo we cut for one of our favorite programs, Midnite Mausoleum starring Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves.

It was done towards the end of filming the April 2010 episode and we had about one minute of DVD space left (our camera only takes those mini DVDs). We could only do it in one take, otherwise we'd have to burn one 30 minute disc for a one minute promo and those discs cost money.

Everyone went down to the set, including our cat Forry Cat (named after Forrest J Ackerman) and set up the lights and camera. For this shoot we decided to mike Ormsby, something we never tried before. We roll and Ormsby reads the promo. Right after he says "...Haunted Lighthouse of Mastic..." Forry Cat knocked down a stack of boxes she was standing on. She ran, making more noise in her wake, and everyone behind the camera yelled. Not missing a beat, Ormsby continued the promo as written to the end. A second after "CUT" was called the disc was full.

When we got the shot into the editing software to see what we could salvage and to our shared amazement the mike didn't pick up the cat or the people screaming at the cat. There was a slight crash that was edited out of the audio in post.

Forry Cat is no long invited to tapings of the show, needless to say.

Until Next Time,

Stay Insane!