Sunday, April 4, 2010

Episode Three is Up...FINALLY!!!

Episode Three of Ormsby's Cinema Insane is up finally after a cascade of failures and technical glitches made a "....we can have the show up in an hour, no problem" into "...get the Red Bull, this is going to be an all night affair". Ormsby was over our shoulders all night telling us to "get that show online, or you'll end up like those Twilight kids", whatever that means.

This month's Fearsome Feature is "Carnival of Souls" (1964), embedded via and is available for viewing on our show's site HERE. Our video pick is "Call of the Cthulhu" (2005), which we reviewed HERE.

We all hope you enjoy, I'm going to bed.

Until Next Time,


Ormsby's Cinema Insane Episode 3 April 2010 from Ormsby on Vimeo.

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