Saturday, January 30, 2010

Runts of the Litter: They Undying Monster (1942)

I'm in a werewolf kind of mood lately, with The Wolfman coming out February 12th and Saturday's full moon. Of course I pulled out Universal's Legacy Collection of The Wolf Man and watched the classic from 1941 with a bowl of popcorn and nice bottle of diet Mountain Dew (I like it because it looks like Re-Animator fluid). As I watched it with commentary by Tom Weaver, I started think of other werewolf movies. There are some that, for better or worse, are the runt of the werewolf movie litter. So from now until the release of the new Wolf Man film I'm going to list these strays.

First up is The Undying Monster(1942) from 20th Century Fox. Not as famous as Lon Chaney's hairy turn a year earlier, and the werewolf make-up is not my favorite. The werewolf, who you don't get a good look at until the end, is really just a whole lot of hair pasted on the actor's face. What I did like is the final transformation when the werewolf is hanging off a cliff, which was a sort of composite and dissolve effect that for the time looked really cool.

If you love old monster movies, give this one a rent from Netfilx.

Until Next Time, Stay Insane.

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